Thursday, 26 July 2012

Taking Great Shots With A Camera Phone

Taking great shots with a camera phone? Really? Well, yes! Photography is not only about megapixels and lenses (they help a lot but it's not just that).

What are the pros and cons of shooting with the camera on your phone?
1. Small sensor and slower than usual capturing - camera app takes a while to load, not all phones shoot as fast as we want them to.
2. Limited settings.
3. Small sensor and poor low light performance.
4. Photos taken with flash look bad.
1. Your phone is always around.
2. Latest camera phones have burst mode (yes, we are talking about the expensive ones!)
3. Downloadable apps will let you add cool effects to your photos.
4. All your photos are really easy to share
5. Macro shots could look great with a bit of practice.

At this point we still haven't answered what makes a photo really nice even when taken with a phone.
Here are my tips to improving your camera phone photos:
1. Take action shots. You know, capture the moment when something cool and interesting is happening. Capture motion or a grimace that is worthwhile.
2. Frame the shots. Shoot as if you'd sell the photo. Try and arrange the shots with people. 
3. Make sure you have the camera focusing where it should (usually a tap on the screen where focus should be works)
4. Avoid photos in low light. Most camera phones will take great shots outdoors when there's plenty of light. Keep in mind that due to size limitations you can't really depend on your camera taking great photos indoors, even with flash. Anyway, if you feel like playing around with longer exposure and tweaks make sure you have the timer running and let the phone stand still to get rid of the motion blur.
5. Use cool camera apps with effects that could make your shots more interesting. I wouldn't recommend because there are plenty out there and I can't test them all. Don't overdo it when applying effects.

Final words.

Buy a case for your phone and keep the camera safe from scratches since day one!


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