Sunday, 4 November 2012

Shooting Portraits Outdoors - Update 1

Alright, I'm done post-processing the photos of some shoots I had over the past weeks. As the title brings the spoiler, this is a short update on outdoor photography. I will add a few samples here from my latest shoots and have a little talk with you guys and girls that stumbled upon this article regarding shooting nice outdoor portraits.
Outdoor portraiture, all rights reserved by the photographer!
Choose your background wisely and you'll be able
to control the mood and the overall feeling that the
photo brings.
Outdoor portraiture, all rights reserved by the photographer!
Sometimes the slightest interaction
with the environment could make
the photo really interesting.
Outdoor portraiture, all rights reserved by the photographer!
Looking at the camera is not always necessary. Try and create a mood while taking the photo which will remain captured there forever.
When I do photography I like keeping things simple and come up with the concept first - the type of photos, the location and the model. Later, I do some research and get acquainted with the place and the model before shooting. I want to know for sure that she'd be comfortable with all the details and we can just go ahead and take some nice photos.
I do not like bringing all my "tools" when shooting out in the open so I travel light and bring only what's needed. I pick the light (time of the day) in a way so that I won't need too many flashes (if any at all) and grab one or two reflectors to get the natural skin tone (white balance with natural/available light).
Outdoor portraiture, all rights reserved by the photographer!
Shoot different styles, poses and at various locations
that match a certain mood. Use backgrounds that
separate the model from the background.
Let me know your thoughts on outdoor portraiture in the comments below! Share, comment and enjoy!
You can read more tips, tricks and view more samples in the original article by clicking here.

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