Sunday, 26 January 2014

January Can Be Rather Weird

While in the good old US the weather was hitting new #freezing records, on the other side of the ocean in Europe things were going rather optimistic and we were having the mildest winter in ages. I was loving it until a couple of days ago, when all of a sudden the temperatures dropped, the port got closed and there wasn't even that much snow. It was all ice!
So, what a great opportunity to take some photos in a weather that was as cold as it was beautiful. When there's a lot of #ice and wind you can't really change lenses too much outside and I decided to mount my trustworthy prime 50mm 1.8. It seemed like the right choice and it surely turned out to be so at the end of the day.

Here was my preparation:

  • A warm meal
  • A hot cup of tea
  • Warm clothes
  • Dry shoes
  • 2 full batteries for my #camera. It was a cold day so I had charged 2 batteries. Cold drains them faster
  • Wipe for the #lens
  • ND filter would have been nice if I hadn't forgotten it at home
I did not want to overdo it because it was too icy and slippery. Carrying too much stuff could be dangerous and get you out of balance. You'll see what I mean when you see the photos below.
And here they are:

OK, so here's my advice:
  • Travel light
  • Don't change lenses when the weather is bad
  • Watch your step
  • Get some friends along to make the walk outside in the cold a little funnier
  • Don't spend too long outside with the camera hanging from your neck - bad for the camera and bad for you
Enjoy the winter or at least what's left of it this year and don't forget to share, comment and ask!

Warm regards,

Kamen Kunchev

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